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The Healthy, Happy Women Summit
Life comes with constant challenges. Some of them are so big that they feel insurmountable. We've gathered 6 experts who have dealt with some of the most common life challenges. They will have tangible tips and tricks for you to help you solve the problems that you're facing. Don't worry! You don't even have to leave your home. It will be online and free! Could it get better?
You've Got Big Questions. We've Got Big Answers.
Happy Spirituality
Becky is a faith-based life coach, speaker (including BYU Women's Conference), and writer. She is a former LDS seminary and institute teacher, coach for 3 Key Elements' Elite Mentor program, professional organizer and homeschooler. She is a mother of five, grandmother of three, blogger, truth seeker and sharer. If you want to up your spirituality game, Becky is your woman!
Becky Edwards
“Why Are My Prayers Hitting the Ceiling?”
Healthy self-Care
Jen Kane used to leave her clean laundry on the couch for so long that it got mixed up with the dirty clothes and she ended up rewashing it all. She was drowning in a sea of babies, housework, and dying dreams. When her 4th baby was life-flighted right after birth she was reminded how brief our time on earth can be and that it was time to stop drowning in an overwhelming life and start living all her wildest dreams. 
Jen Kane
“How Can I End This Constant Overwhelm?”
Leslie Householder is a dedicated wife and mother of seven children, and award-winning, international best selling author. She helps people all over the world discover and apply the "rare kind of faith" that causes things to happen. Leslie aims to help you crush every challenge, achieve every goal, and vanquish every monster under your bed. 
Leslie Householder
“Why Do Our Finances NEVER Change?”
Healthy Body Image
Tia Stokes is an amazing mama of a whole pack of boys. She is a dancer, business owner, blogger and woman who has overcome body issues herself.  She cares deeply about helping women to appreciate and take care of their bodies. I can't wait for you to hear her story.
Tia Stokes
“Is It Possible to Ever Love My Body?”
Happy Parenting
Nicholeen Peck is an author, speaker and overall incredible woman who empowers parents to lead in their home.  It's Nicholeen's mission to heal families around the world from emotional bondage by teaching them the principles of self-government — the same principles that have set her and her family free.
Nicholeen Peck
“Why Won't My Kids Listen To Me?”
Healthy sexuality
Sarah Chapman is a wife and mother who has made it her  mission to help women understand their bodies and their sexuality and create better intimacy in their marriage. She has a powerful story and message! You do NOT want to miss this!
Sarah Chapman
“How Can Sex In Marriage Connect Instead of Divide?”
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About Your Hostess
Katie Vrajich
Mentor to Mothers Changing the world
Katie Vrajich is a perfectly imperfect daughter of God. She is the wife of an entrepreneur, mother of 5 very active, opinionated children, and mentor to mamas who are changing the world. She loves to play volleyball, explore outside and read books. 

She loves to support women in creating their own BEST life, whatever that looks like. 

She believes fiercely in the power of love...for ourselves and for our family, neighbors and the world. It is the most powerful thing on the planet. 
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