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you are incredible
Look at all you are responsible for!
Keeping Kids Alive
This seemed like a no-brainer. Until I had my 5th child. He makes this like a full time job. Mamas, I am proud of you for keeping these kids alive.  
loving and nurturing
The thing that our children need the most is love. And we naturally want to do that. And it would be totally simple if we didn't have anything else going on. 
FEeding Lots of Mouths
I tend to want to feed my family all this organic, healthy, gourmet food. But I end up with Mac 'N Cheese all the time. Balance friends. LOL 
Errands and Shuttling
I'm pretty sure my rear-end has become molded to my minivan's seat. And no, my hand NEVER looks that dainty while doing errands and shuttling. 
Never-Ending Laundry
I'm pretty sure there is secret laundry coming out of the ground. Ten times as much laundry gets made in my house than is necessary. This is a big deal!
Teaching and Homework
Hopefully our children learn something also. Everything from manners to ABC's we are on constant teaching duty for our kids. That takes a lot of mental energy! 
That isn't even half of it! 
There are still relationships to build and strengthen, church responsibilities, community things, neighbors to serve and MAYBE you can pee in peace for a minute. 
If you are like most women, you aren't there. You have gotten lost. You are stuck in the run, run, run of keeping life going for all the other people, and you don't even remember who you are.
It is totally okay. It happens to the best of us. It is so easy to get enslaved by daily trivia.
There is so much to do and think about and take care of!
But it doesn't have to be that way forever.
There is another way. In this free report I outlined 6 easy steps in a workbook style to help you leap right out of that rut you are in.
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